Green Cleaning Solutions

We use professional grade cleaning solutions developed for the cleaning industry. These biodegradable products are safe for the environment and strong enough to tackle even the toughest jobs

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remove, replace trash bag, clean and sanitize receptacle, clean and wipe bath tub, toilet and hand basins spot clean and sanitized, clean air vents to remove dust and wipe, light fixtures and mirror, remove and clean drawers, wipe body products containing dust particles, clean door tops and frames, vacuum floor, mopped and sanitized


dust and wipe cup boards, drawers, scrub black spots inside oven as well as its racks, pull oven forward, vacuum and clean debris from the back and sides then placed back to its original position, shine clean and sanitize counter tops, sinks. Wipe kitchen window and sills.

-living, dinning, laundry and bed rooms

dust and clean all art and photographs, air vents, switch plates, light fixtures, doors and knobs, ceiling fans, furniture.  Vacuum, wipe and clean excess dust on corners of windows, entertainment centres, lampshades, bottom of all furniture, and wipe laundry machine tops and sides, clean out couch cervices, and end between carpets and walls, baseboards. Finally, we vacuum all staircases and indoor carpets. Washed and mopped hardwood and tile floors as well..




- Clean all cabinets and surfaces, dust chairs, tables, and other items in an office space; clean and sanitize water basins, toilets and urinals are properly cleaned.

- Remove marks and streaks from glass windows, cob webs, and empty waste receptacles, clean and sanitize garbage bins, gently clean personal items and placed back to their original positions.


- Organize kitchen wares, magazines, books, misplaced seating etc

- Wash and wipe used kitchen utensils, coffee makers and filters, interior and exterior surfaces of refrigerators, microwaves, hand dryers and towel dispensers.

- Carefully dust and clean all electronics, dividers, drawers and handles, handrails, all walls if required, baseboards, heat registries, elevator rooms,

- Stock paper towels, hand and toilet tissues, hand soap


  New construction cleaning is important and requires a lot of detail cleaning, something we've done a lot of. Our experienced and capable crew will help you showcase your home, office, or building by dusting, wiping, and polishing all the surfaces, including

floors, baseboards, walls, cupboards, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and windows.

We will remove any left over drywall mud and paint drips or overspray. We can also seal and wax your new VC tile. When we're done all you have to do is to move in.


  - Cleaning all kitchen appliances in and out, suck up excess residue in the back of refrigerators and ovens using a vacuum, including cabinets, drawers, shelves, counter tops, clean walls, remove cobwebs and finger prints

- dust and clean ceiling fans and blades, air vents, light fixtures

- dust and clean baseboards and closets in all areas of your home

- dust and clean all doors, door frames and knobs

- Wash and wipe used kitchen utensils, coffee makers and filters, interior and exterior surfaces of refrigerators, microwaves, hand dryers and towel dispensers.

- - wipe down all window tops, sills, ledges, blinds and wipe the inside of windows and mirrors as well

- clean and sanitize bathtubs, shower, sink and toilet basins, backsplash and countertops

- finally, we vacuumed and mopped all carpet and floor areas where applicable



  •  - Dust and clean all windows and sills on the inside, cup boards, countertops, cabinets, drawers, clean and disinfect all automatic doors and mirrors, door handles and light switches, wipe and polish all furniture surfaces and picture frames
  • - remove wall paper used for decorations and placed in a garbage bag, clean soiled walls around party area
  • - remove food and grease on dishes, wipe food stains and splatters on kitchen walls and surfaces, wash all kitchen utensils and put away to dry

- deep clean in and out of refrigerator, oven, microwave, toaster, kitchen sink, hand basins and sanitize where applicable

  • - empty all receptacles, sort out trash to be recycled, wipe and sanitize bins to be reused
  • - Scrub and sanitize toilet basins, bathtubs, shower doors and tiles, floors, and wipe clean bathroom walls respectively.
  • - Rearrange all furniture, remove food splatter from hallway floors, stairs, balconies,  and sweep up any breakable glass left and other items
  • - vacuum and mop all carpet and floor areas

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